Seasons Greetings to Everyone

Thanks to all our members, supporters, partners and everyone for your interest and involvement in 2007. BGCI wishes you all very happy and prosperous 2008, and if you are celebrating Christmas or the winter solstice, a great holiday. We look forward to working with you to create a healthier, happier planet in 2008.

Seasonal Gift Ideas - Show your love of plants

It's increasingly popular to think at Christmas about reducing your consumerism and supporting good causes instead. And Christmas is a time, in winter darkness, when we celebrate plants in particular. The tree, the holly, the ivy and the frankincense - all are from plants and all have threatened relatives. It's an opportunity to think of how we can give something back.

We've a whole bunch of ideas for you to support plants and botanic gardens this Christmas.

Here's a sample:

Christmas Greetings

Increasingly, people use e-cards to send Christmas greetings as a more eco-friendly way to spread good cheer in the winter holidays. Botanic gardens are no exception and at BGCI we've started getting the cards from around the world so I thought I'd share them with you here.