The Love of Flowers

Herbarium Amoris is a project by Swedish photographer Edvard Koinberg who was so inspired by fellow countryman Carl Linnaeus that he decided to dedicate an entire photographic herbarium to the founder of taxonomy. These extraordinary photos reveal with searing clarity the intimate structures of a variety of flowers.

There has been exhibition of the flowers around the world so look out for one near you. Or just take a look online at the vivid and beautiful collection.

Darwin Day

Today is Darwin Day - the anniversary of Darwin's birth. 2008 is the 199th anniversary so next year there are going to be major bicentenart celebrations. BGCI will be theming journal issues around Darwin as 2009 is also the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species.

Events on Darwin Day are diverse and botanic gardens have lots of scope to get involved. let us know if you are holding an event in your botanic garden - leave a comment on this post.

Wikipedia offers this info:

"Events have included dinner parties with special recipes for primordial soup and other inventive dishes, protests with boards of education and government bodies, workshops and symposia, distribution of information by people in ape costumes, lectures and debates, essay and art competitions, concerts, poetry readings, plays, artwork, comedy routines, reenactments of the Scopes Trial and of the debate between Thomas H. Huxley and Bishop Wilberforce, library displays, museum exhibits, travel and educational tours, recreations of the journey of the HMS Beagle, church sermons, movie nights, outreach, nature hikes, and more. The Darwin Day Celebration Website offers free registration and display to all Darwin Day events."

Guerilla Gardening

Botanic gardens are more often than not located in urban areas and inhabited by those who love plants and want them to prosper and flourish. But have you ever thought on your commute home, of spreading the greenery from beyond the walls of the botanic garden and into the cracks in the pavement? Then you could be a guerilla gardener.

Described by self-proclaimed guerilla gardener 'Richard' as "acts of illicit cultivation", people are taking life into their own hands and planting 'seed-bombs', getting out in the dead of night to instal trees and green up wasteland in derelict urban areas. It's a form of anti-vandalism that seeks to create nourishment where neglect has become the accepted norm.

Lights Out for the PLanet

Global EARTH HOUR March 29th- Turn off your lights!

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About a year ago, Sydney started a trend of turning off your lights for one hour in a show of support for protecting our environment. Soon after, London, San Francisco quickly followed suit. One year later, the organizers of Sydney’s Earth Hour feel that one city at a time doesn’t really cut it anymore. Which is why this year’s event is going global, with cities from every continent, including the US, participating in what promises to be the largest ever show of solidarity in the world on March 29th for Earth Hour.